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GRCU Green Cures & Botanical Distribution, Inc. (OTC PINK: GRCU)

wholesales and retails hemp-infused nutritional, botanical, sports, and body care products. The company is currently Web-based and focuses on online retailing. Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc., operates a diverse portfolio of products and services within the botanical and cannabis industry, as permitted by law. From concept to production and distribution, Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc., is continuously creating and introducing products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Announces New CEO Rich Thomas

Thomas was serving as Director of New Business Development for Green Cures. Joe Tragessor, former CEO, will remain a Green Cures consultant and advisor.

Thomas has a background in finance, founded alcoholic spirits company Jewel Lines Products, and served as Product Manager for Monster Cable Products Inc. where he helped develop and launch the Beats By Dre. product line.

He will also oversee new growth opportunities through product design, manufacturing, wholesaling and distribution investments.

“These days anyone can go out and sell new hemp and CBD products,” says Thomas, “but Green Cures has an opportunity to transform the CBD space with radically exciting new brands that cure and inspire.”

Reports dripping in


Catapult Solutions Inc. (OTCMKTS: CPSL) Powerful Runner as Blank Check is Acquired by Tokyo, Based Food-Tech Venture Company Next Meats

On July 28 CPSL filed an 8k reporting the sale of the Company for $375,000 to NXMH and its controlling shareholder.

Next Meats is currently rapidly expanding its presence to over 9 countries

product development began in 2017, and the company was officially established in June of 2020.

CPSL is a clean blank check Company with virtually no debt and will be fully reporting OTC. 

Next Meats just revealed their plan to start the construction of their eco-friendly production facility called the “NEXT Factory”,

all the guys that started next meats bought the ticker cpsl and created a new company called Dr. Foods we don’t yet know their plans but the same owners on CPSL as next meats….Jonathan Burbank has a great video on YouTube that outlines the theory that they’re going to use Dr. Foods and Merged The two in someway to affect uplist The nasdaq because NXMH does not qualify for an application to the nasdaq and their stated goals to uplist quickly6:038k on Dr foods states the co will effect a biz combination by acquiring other companies with revs. That could be owned directly by owners of Dr foods….leaving open some kinda merge or ownership structure including next meats

Ishizuka actually has a good resume with financial firms and companies being public. Seems like I remember he helped take a monster to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and that’s equal to our NYSE for Japan.

The guys running the background sec shell stuff are industry vets, wolfs of this space:

Here is one they did lol

Another one

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