Blue Biofuels Inc OTC Pink – Current Information: BIOF

Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc., dba Blue Biofuels (“Blue Bio”) (PINK: ALLM), is a publicly traded company focusing on Green energy and renewable technologies. Blue Bio developed a new and improved technology system that converts virtually any plant material such as grasses, wood, paper, farm waste, yard waste, forestry products, fruit casings, nut shells, and the cellulosic portion of municipal solid waste, into sugars and subsequently into biofuels, and bioplastics, without the use of enzymes or liquid acids. We call this the CTS 2.0 process, where CTS stands for Cellulose to Sugar. The cellulose is converted into sugar and lignin. The sugar is further converted into bio-ethanol and other biofuels; the lignin is further converted into bioplastics.

Blue Biofuels Inc.

3710 Buckeye Street

Suite 120

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


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