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Storedot and Oxus Storedot and OXUS DD for solid connections that:

compare the price action on a similar company called solid power, when the spac Loi was announced, warrants went to about $3.50. This happened after Spacs were dead couple months ago so comparison is decent. So we are in similar market now.

if it goes to 1.20-2 for warrants will be a 3-5x from current price

This is either storedot or a miner or a combined storedot plus miner.

Best risk to reward in the entire stock market.

Fastest charging batteries in the industry.

major partners/investors, currently they are current project with EVE Energy and in discussion to have a joint venture with Samsung, SK innovations and LG Energy Solutions.

OXUS Description: “The company aims to leverage management’s experience in the energy sector to target energy transition technologies, including battery materials, energy storage, EV infrastructure, and advanced recycling. Oxus Acquisition will focus its efforts in emerging regions including the CIS, South and South East Asia, and MENA.”

The first investor of Storedot, in early days is Kenes Rakishev, who is super involved with the company apparently always posting stuff about it on his website on LinkedIn etc. etc., has now created The SPAC OXUS.

The timeline of when they announced that they are in talks to go public via a special purpose acquisition company, plus all the timeline of the SEC filings of when this new SPAC came out was filed etc. etc. matches up perfectly.

Also, this gentleman has designated himself on the filings that he is going to also pipe his own spac. It is quite apparent, that he has been involved with storedot from the very beginning and now he wants to be part of the company.

He will be able to utilize his SPAC in order to take them public and also become partial owner of this company. It is also pretty straightforward that he has created this special purpose acquisition company in order to take storedot public.

Another important key part is that he designated himself as an “independent director” which I believe is a legal way so that he can take this company public even though he already has invested in it.

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They started together from ground up.

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