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gonna find more super low cap stuff

https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/fractal https://protocol.fractal.id/ 5m$ MCCoinGeckoFractal (FCL) price today, chart, market cap & news | CoinGeckoView Fractal crypto price and chart live, FCL market cap, 24-hour trading volume, circulating supply, latest news and more.Fractal ProtocolA fair data economy designed for equal access to data commons in a privacy enabled infrastructure

[6:10 PM]can also buy on kucoin

[6:11 PM]team is doxed

[6:11 PM]https://twitter.com/fractalprtclFractal (@fractalprtcl)“Open source protocol for exchanging data in a fair and open way.” Founders: @JulianLeitloff & @juliosantos Telegram Channel: https://t.me/fractal_protocolTweets660Followers44749Twitter

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Fractal (@fractalprtcl)The @fractalprtcl x @OVioHQ partnership will open the door towards building a smooth transition into the #MetaVerse. 👾 Quickly Explore the depths of what Web 3.0 has to offer, without sacrificing your personal data. $FCL https://t.co/J8cXOUAiaITwitter•Yesterday at 2:06 PM

[6:13 PM]oh hell ya

RAZE https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/raze-network

VNLA Vanilla network



so what do we have confirmed a game called sincity that looks like gta, but also online gambling? sports betting coming?

You’ll want to check out the pinned messages and look at the whitepaper, website and medium articles. Yes, custom bets will be able to made with the head to head betting app. Then they will have poker and blackjack too, and everything will be accessible in the main casino in Sin-City.

simply means that Vanilla Network will be the first project owing a property and a playable product right inside the Sin City Omniverse.

Once ready, guerrilla and viral marketing will begin immediately. You will agree with us that we have vast experience in this area already.

vanilla bet

All, just a quick synopsis. We presented our long term growth strategy to investors in Dubai where our “games” can be integrated into the Metaverse. The idea of the Metaverse is a social arena, where you build an empire to become the ultimate Kingpin! E.g. winning on our games and building venues or competing in some underworld activities. Also allowing other third parties to use the Metaverse to host their own games and events.

This “adventure” is only possible with a strong community backing which is why we are so bullish on this proof of concept. Digital real estate is an extremely valuable commodity and leverages on the power of an NFT marketplace. We will deliver more exciting news on this soon.

Development on our games has not stopped (these are integral to our ecosystem). There are some amendments for H2H we are facing due to the future integration of the Metaverse, but we will announce these details once we bridge this gap.

Unfortunately, there is no date yet. It sounds like it will take 4-6 weeks for the migration from ETH to BSC. Then it shouldn’t be long for it to go live after they finish testing on the BSC network. We should be getting a response to a bunch of AMA questions any day now, and that should answer a majority of your questions. The community did get to test the H2H (head to head) app a few months back and it was pretty cool. You can basically pick anything to make a custom bet on as long as it is verifiable through more than 1 source. You can pick any team, any spread and any amount of tokens that you want and then it is up to others to decide if they are willing to take the other side of the bet.

SatoshiStalker, [11/29/2021 7:58 PM]
They will also have pool betting at some point, but you’ll want to read the official info on that as I won’t be able to explain it clearly.

what other project allows you to make custom bets! Or even a project that has a casino locked in on the metaverse.

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