shib boom boom

HEC Hector FTM fantom bro

$3dog ShibFloki ETH

13.333x MC to match…..

Our advertising campaign across multiple cryptocurrency sites has finally gone live, we’ve had a few setbacks but ultimately made it happen with a short delay. We will gather 5 million impressions on our ad over the course of the next month, and we’ve installed a tracking URL to gauge the effectiveness of this campaign, in order to judge if we will continue advertisements through buysellads or not.

-We’ve also gotten in touch with dextools and paid them to become the featured sponsor once again, we will be listed at their earliest convenience as they are currently booked. It could be a few days but we are definitely next in line, we’re also looking to grab their top sponsorship position but it could be about a month until theres an availability. -We’ve hired several youtubers to make some videos, we’re expecting a Russian video from Crypto Botan by the end of this week in order to have a summary of CerberusDAO to the Russian crypto community. We’ve also hired Upnextcrypto to make a couple videos, they’ve said that they hope to have the videos ready within a week, but feel free to tell them in their comments sections that you are pumped for the 3DOG video thats upcoming!

-We’re hoping to have our dashboard as well as another bond ready this week, stay tuned for more info. Our development team is working hard on getting everything up and running without sacrificing safety or security. Bonds need to be deployed perfectly or else people can get 3DOG tokens way to cheap and ultimately dilute the supply so we have @hades triple checking our bonds and testing them to make sure they’re 100% SAFE! More updates coming soon, stay safe hounds! 🐶 ,🐶 ,🐶


but they aint even doxed

So a couple things

1) They got a decent chunk of money off the bat from the initial sale and have been doing really good things with it since then. Spending on ads and extra devs. They coulda just ran with it

2) The project has been out a bit no and has 4x in price in a short period of time and none of them sold from their wallets

3) As far as I can tell some of them are from major countries, that is definitely less sketch.

4) Its still a new project so I always am smart with sizing and I am not all in.
[9:08 PM]
The KYC thing I guess the idea is that if they rug then the KYC company reports them idk how trusting that is so I take it with a grain of salt. I think its smart to take into account multiple things.

  1. here is how to stake shib
  2. to buy a SHIB bond with CerberusDAO, an OHM fork which harnesse…
  3. [10:41 PM]you only have to stake the bond for 5 days lol
  4. [10:42 PM]its actually 22.24% discount right now
  5. [10:43 PM]

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