$WAGMI Venom DAO Harmony ONE

Wagmi is not his first quality product.

You have invested in the only legitimate OHM Fork on the Harmony blockchain, the only fork which is backed by Venomswap which is the OG Dex on the chain and the only OHM Fork with Devs that are trusted and known not to rugpull as they have been some of Harmonys biggest developers and worked closely with the blockchains Dev’s. You are safe. The whole reason you got into this ohm fork is to sit back and watch the Wagmi compoundYou have made.
Ethereum has OHM, avalanche has Wonderland and Harmony has Wagmi.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride

VenomDAO is the umbrella. viperswap, Cobraswap, and euphoria are VenomDAO products

Runs on Harmony!

fastest way is to send ONE from kucoin to harmony and swap it for wagmi if the price impact isn’t too high for the amount you’re planning on swapping

take metamask ONE adress and paste in this site:


Then Go to viper exchange

are currently, and will continue working with influencers to bring more users to Euphoria and Harmony

Long term we’re hoping to integrate DeFi 1.0, and DeFi 2.0 – once Chainlink is live we will hopefully be able to introduce a lending/collateral platform – a potential use case could be allowing users to borrow from the treasury, with interest payments being made which then further the return for stakers.

Leverage hasn’t specifically been considered, but this is definitely something we’ll look into as well!

Security is of the utmost importance, and all sensitive contracts are either behind timelocks or a multisig with multiple signers.

We’re also very strong supporters of using hardware wallets to further strengthen security.

Users have asked for audits for a while, and hopefully we’ll be able to share updates on this in the near future!

As outlined in the original Euphoria Medium article – we’re strong supporters of OHM and TIME and would love to somehow integrate their tokens in the future. Once Chainlink is live this should allow a lot more diversification of the treasury into other assets

Every time a bond is purchased, the proceeds go directly to the treasury. The treasury then pays this profit out to stakers at every rebase (every 8 hours).

Currently there’s $35m in the treasury. This would allow the treasury to purchase every WAGMI currently in supply for the “backing price”.
You could argue that this is a safety guarantee that the price will never drop beneath the backing price, but in reality this is a hypothetical scenario that even the greats like Olympus and Wonderland have been debating.

There’s a number of options such as voting to payout the reserves immediately to stakers (ending the protocol), continuing paying out staking rewards, using the reserves to start buying back the token which pushes the price up. It comes down to game theory as well – many users would probably want to buy WAGMI at that price, as the upside potential and share of the treasury would be very incentivizing

The main thing I would focus on is treasury growth. Despite the price drop recently, the treasury is at all time highs, allowing more opportunity for further yield generation, and further returns for stakers in the long run




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