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Hundreds of billions of dollars in cash have been amassed by big investors in the last few weeks of 2021, setting the stage for a massive risk-on move into equities in the new year. Investors added more than $43 billion into money market funds last week, bringing the total amount of cash raised in the past seven weeks to a massive $226 billion, according data from Goldman Sachs. The money market stockpile has not declined in 2021 despite the rally in stocks, with assets under management in cash equivalents standing near a record $4.7 trillion, the data showed. “My core thesis is that money will come out of negative real yielding cash and out of bonds aggressively and early in 2022 following December board room asset allocation meetings,” Scott Rubner, analyst at Goldman Sachs’ global markets division, said in a note. “Every private wealth advisor in the world is conducting ‘year-end allocation review’ meetings right now. The feedback will be largely that investors hold too much cash with rising inflation,” Rubner said. Investor’s cash allocation jumped 14 percentage points this month from November to a net 36% overweight, the highest cash exposure since May 2020, according to Bank of America’s monthly fund manager survey. A lot of the move out of cash could happen in January when money managers make their initial bets of the year. January typically makes up for 134% of the yearly flows, according to Goldman, meaning the month typically sees a big inflow, while the rest of the year has a net outflow.💰1

we’re at a make or break point in the markets right now, and a decision has to be made within the next few days.

✅if dxy succesfully rejects this 10 year trendline, then we will see some big moves to the upside in our markets for a few months to come.
🛑if it breaks above the trendline, well then it’s gg for the markets.

December 31st CME option expiration
[1:44 PM]
Has 5 billion $ worth of options expiring, with a max pain of 46*k (edited) So price is controlled in this local region, to make both calls and puts lose


silver has finally broke downtrend in my eyes

i think it’s going to rip from here, especially if dxy rejects that 10 year trendline

this move might be the beginning of a massive move to the upside (to around $100)

it isn’t going to happen overnight, so don’t expect a moonshot by tomorrow, but i think silver is a solid buy down here for a longer term hold.



new mexico, nevada, cananda, low mc, decent share structure, new positive PR’s, chart Summa Silver – High grade gold and silver developer (TSXV:SSVR)




USAS Mericas

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