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Why This Best NFT Project:

2022 will be the year NFT’s go Main Streem and 3d

  1. More than 1 character?

most projects do this

Where we get over 5!

Tribe 1 = grow plants on their bodies that feed on the minerals in their biological system, provides camouflage and repellent for unpleasant insects

several rows of teeth (like sharks) that are very fine and sharp. They use those sharp teeth and powerful bite to process the minerals they eat. They also have powerful acidic gastric juices to process the minerals that they consume. Their last defence against predators is to spit thee gastric juices, but this also hurt them.

We get Hairy and Slickery

We get varying weights:

Never been made weapons


Let out your inner pyro 🔥 these assets are going to be super fun when we launch the VR game!


Never been done accesories:

Talk with your eyes

Drone Supply Drops:

Whatever this thing is, Sidekick?


Homie’s is Doxed!

GORILLA plans to utilize his contacts in the entertainment and creative industries to launch a festival, music, comedy, and arts venue for holders to enjoy. Imagine Bourbon Street in New Orleans, but in the metaverse. We are currently developing metaverse mini-games for holders to compete against eachother and travel between our 4 worlds in search of prizes.


We are still finalizing all the traits so this is to give our early investors rewards for being loyal and to help begin the development of our metaverse plots prior to launch of the 5 tribes.

Proper 3d art is a very extensive process and is extremely time consuming to do well. You are all going to have a very high quality product with some amazing collaborations. Instead of waiting until the traits are finalized and lighting, rendering, traits, colours, textures, facial expressions, poses and so on.. are complete.. we decided that this would be the most efficient way to begin the development of the other elements without cutting corners on quality (edited)


[7:18 PM]
i’d also like to remind everyone here that the 5 tribes will mint at a higher price than 0.075 Eth. So immediately your investment is returned simply for helping us expedite the development of external assets

like to just fly under the radar though so likely once the tribes are done and ready to go..when they have more time. They are literally working right now on those items

i have done full cost projections on everything we want to achieve and i have reverse calculated how to achieve it. If others believe in the success of the project we will link arms and make it happen

I’m going to paint a picture here for everyone that is trying to understand the future.

We are developing our plots within LeapN. Not only will we have our 2 plots, but we are working with Gorilla (simpsons artist) who has 2 plots, the bud buddies who have 2 plots, and stoned apez who have 1 plot. We will be creating an environment where holders will be able to travel between plots through teleports and we will run timed hidden token giveaways, rewards, minigames across all the worlds, a marketplace where you’ll hopefully be able to choose assets for your character and the marketplace will repopulate the assets and provide an updated NFT. We are working on these details now but we are really trying to push how we can utilize web3 and in game assets.

Gorilla bring his experience in the entertainment industry and plans to have a festival/stage location where he can host music and art shows pulling from his connections in LA (edited)
[3:38 PM]
We are also working on a few things that i haven’t disclosed yet but will once we see some success with it

The assets are developed so that they can be implemented in-game rather than being designed without rigging and structure to be superficial nft assets.
essentially what i’m saying is they are being designed properly from the beginning rather than doing simple ones first, then having to redesign multiple times. It all takes time to do well.

We are not funded by massive investors simply looking for a quick return. People like you who mint and support the project allow it to grow at a faster rate.

The analogy i use often in business is Pick 2 of the following 3 items: Cost, Quality, Speed.

Nothing Cheap and Quick is ever good.
Nothing Quick and Quality is ever cheap.. and so on

we have engaged with a number of large marketers to now launch this to the masses. We feel that we have given our community ample time to mint before mass promotion. You will likely begin to see things roll out over the next 48-72 hours that will include:

Minting Promo
Metaverse Gameplay trailer
Tour of Plot on Substrata
New Branding
BTS of character development

Please be welcoming to new members who will come from various communities. Let get some good conversation going and then I will schedule an AMA for everyone to touch base and answer any outstanding questions. I’d also like all of you to meet gorilla so i will arrange that at the same time.




The first drop is a total of 555 tokens.

Launch Date:
Priority Mint December 28, 2021
Public Mint December 29, 2021

Launch Time: TBA

Number of tokens that will be available: 525/555

Where these tokens will be available for purchase:
Mint on our website
Secondary sales on OpenSea

Link: TBA

Price: 0.075 ETH

Description: 100 whitelist members can mint up to 3 tokens for 24 hours prior to public mint.

Here is the utility associated with Drop #1 & Drop #2

NOTE: The items below may change slightly. We would like to add some additional utility to Drop #2 holders, but this will evolve with the development of the game. We will honour any commitments in this list once the drop is live, until then there may be some changes.

Benefits if you own a Drop #1 Token:

  • Access to an exclusive discord chat
  • Specific airdrops will be rewarded to wallets holding a Drop #1 token.
  • Any Drop #1 token can be traded for main future drop tokens when minting from our site. Once you trade the token, it will be burned.
  • Trade for exclusive assets, traits, and physical products only available to Drop #1 holders

Additional benefits if you mint and hold:

  • Once 50 holders remain: (TBD)
  • Once 25 holders remain: (TBD)
  • Utility token allocation

Drop #2 will be 5 tribes

Benefits if you own a Drop #2 Token:

  • Access to the metaverse
  • Optional upgrades to your character
  • Airdropped allowance of utility tokens
  • Rewards for holders who have all 5 unique tribes.

Should I hold more than one Drop #1 Token?
If you are an original minter and continue to hold, there are significant rewards. Should you choose to sell in the future, the secondary buyers will still be able to benefit from purchasing Drop #1, but the ongoing rewards won’t be as significant.

Having additional Drop #1 tokens will guarantee you future utility within the NKD EYE PRJKT ecosystem and in the VR marketplace. As a Drop #1 holder you will be provided opportunities not available to other holders.

We recommend holding 1 and having a few others to trade for future drops or in the marketplace.

What if I buy a Drop #1 Token on the secondary market?
See “Benefits of owning a Drop #1 token ^^

Should I hold more than one Drop #2?
There will be rewards for those who hold all 5 tribes

For ALL Lootbox Rarities:

If you mint from our website and keep the token with the same wallet address long term you will be eligible for unique avatar airdrops only available to lootbox holders! This includes wearables and in-game assets. (edited)


[10:54 PM]
You will mint an empty lootbox with the opportunity to reveal one of three rarities

5 tribes. When you decide to mint a character, you will choose the tribe you want by choosing the associated egg. Once all 5555 eggs are minted, the eggs will hatch and reveal your tribe character with its assets.

LEAPn Metaverse

styled LeapN
styled LeapN

Tribe #2: Guu

Age Stages:
Egg phase – 0 to 5 months
Naked stage – 6 months to 15 years
Adult stage – 16 to 35 years
Old Age – 36 to 45 years

Appearance: Guu are small humanoids with four arms and two legs, they are very calm creatures that usually do not attack but have a very well-designed defense system. Their rear part, that is, their tail, back, neck and nape are covered by sharp and extremely hard translucent crystals, generally these crystals are covered with dark algae, without them the crystals are beautiful. They live in a swampy area where they have created several tribes that mimic the nature of the swamp.

They have small, round heads with large, bright eyes, no nose in sight and a large mouth, reddish cheeks, green teeth and usually missing many of them. It is very easy to see them smile due to their friendly personality. They have long, slender legs that end in webbed limbs that are used to inhabit the swamp. As a rule, they have a voluptuous belly, they have no hair, their skin is smooth and soft with cream and brown tones, so they are vulnerable in this part of their body. Their effective defensive tactic consists of locating the danger thanks to their great sensitivity in their legs that warns them of any creature that approaches in their habitat. When they detect danger, they jump into the water or onto the swamp floor, leaving only the hard surface of the sharp and pointed crystals in sight.

The crystals are extensions of their skeletal system which is also made of this hard crystal. This gives them a great resistance to falls and blows since it is almost impossible for them to suffer from any type of fracture.

Predators: They have many predators, although they are very difficult to hunt due to their defensive techniques, even so many large and dangerous beasts try to eat them. Also, several intelligent species try to poach them to obtain the minerals from their spines and bones that are considered as jewelry and luxury items.

Food: Their main source of food is swamp algae rich in minerals, the Guu consider them ripe and ready to eat when they begin to decompose, they also eat roots and bulbous trunks. Guu are one hundred percent vegetarian.

Character Traits and Psychology: They are very friendly, calm, and somewhat innocent. Generally carefree and open to other beings they do not consider dangerous. If they meet an unknown, being they are shy, but gaining their will is very easy and the Guu are very affectionate with those who gain their trust, they love to cuddle and hugs. They are generally sanguine, naive and innocent. When they feel threatened and take their defensive position, cling so tightly to the ground or vegetation that it is very difficult to detach them and often stay in this position much longer than necessary.
Their alignment is good chaotic, Guu live in a community without leaders or hierarchies, they all take care of each other as a herd and generally there is no friction or internal problems, but their organization is deficient. At the same time their communication is not very advanced, doesn’t have tools or complex constructions.

Way of life: They live in swamps building small villages using the vegetation, branches, and rocks of the swamp. They feed on algae, and especially love a type of black algae that absorbs many minerals from the earth (from it they get the material for their crystals and skeleton) when the algae of the place are finished, they abandon their villages and migrate to another region of the swamp: the vegetation in a short time leaves no traces of their stay in the place. And the Guu find a new place rich in algae and settle down once again. They are playful, festive, feel-good creatures (the algae they eat when they consider them ripe and ready to eat are fermented, so the Guu’s way of life is half-drunken all the time). (edited)
[7:41 PM]
Egg Physical characteristics: The Guu reproduce by big and spherical eggs, their eggshells are made of a thin layer of crystal that grows on their back, so they are translucent, and it is possible to see inside, inside the egg the fetus floats in a milky and brightly colored liquid. If hatchlings are born, the whole tribe protects them, no matter who are their parents, all members of the tribe take the task of caring for the eggs, this is very important, because of their naive and distracted nature, if only the parents were responsible for the care, most likely the eggs would be lost or misplaced. The eggs are very tough so really the only danger for them is to be misplaced, as a counterpart, at the same time, the biggest dangers for the eggs are their own guardians because by their appearance and shape, the eggs look like huge marbles, and the Guu use to play with them, so sometimes they get lost.
When the eggs hatch, still blind and without crystals on their backs, they cling to the belly of an adult and stay there until they grow a little and can open their eyes and feed on their own. (edited)
December 16, 2021

Jordan | Founder — 12/16/2021

[9:25 PM]

December 24, 2021

Jordan | Founder — Yesterday at 11:31 PM

You do not have permission to send messages in this channel.

“redbull backpack/engery drink backpack”

“super funny and super cool” Lolypop staff

How to get into WL / Priority List

Will there be a Whitelist?
Originally, we were not going to do one but there seems to be interest to achieve a lower gas fee. You will not be required to be on the whitelist, but here are the qualifications and benefits if you choose to be.

Total of only 100 spots on the whitelist.
50 for NKD members who promote the project
25 for YETI members
25 for LeapN members


*Pre-sale minting for 24 hours before public launch. This will allow you to wait and find the best time for gas prices.
*Each discord user may mint up to 3 tokens with whitelist benefits.

We will grant members the presale role if they are :

  • Engaging genuinely with the community
  • Helping other members navigate, answering questions, and being caring
  • Contributing by doing designs of emojis, server stickers, wallpapers, memes, or other related content
  • Inviting NFT lovers to our Discord (Quality > Quantity)
  • Boosting our Discord server
  • Spreading the word about the NKD EYE PRJKT on social media and increasing its exposure We recommend that you use an invite link that does not expire so that we don’t miss anyone’s invites. Please change the expiry date on your invite link before sharing If you make posts on Twitter and Instagram about the NKD EYE PRJKT. Screenshot and post in priority-list-verify so we can associate your discord/social profiles (extra posts will help boost your rank)

Original Minter | 25/50 Awarded | [ Whitelist Mint Price of 0.075 ETH ]

  • Admins will award this whitelist status every few days up to a maximum of 100 community members to those who are making an effort to grow and build our community. (edited)
    December 15, 2021

Ned Talks

“My dad, he had a talk section of The Muppet Show in season one,” Executive Producer Brian Henson shared. “In season one, Kermit would talk to the guests and in the end, he dropped it because Kermit wasn’t able to push the guests hard enough for it to be exciting… I think what was clear was, with Sesame Street in particular and then The Muppet Show, my dad learned it’s great when I get the Muppets interacting with a celebrity, it really really works because it exposes the celebrity in a more genuine way than a regular interview would… They allow themselves to be vulnerable around puppets much more than they do around people.”

Disney Plus Orders Puppet Talk Show from Jim Henson Co. | Decider

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