Faucet Dao Money Printer


“compounding for a year turns 365% into 3600%”

I went in with $3000 about 8 months ago. What I have now is worth over $80,000. Compounding or “hydrating” is the key to growing your balance and your total payout. You can tell people they don’t need to build a team but it does really help grow your deposits.

Inflationary drip deflationary

they all die (some more quickly than others), they are highly inflationnary and need a ton of new buyers, drip has 1M of tokens and it pays with a smart tax system and by doing so will be sustainable

time 1.1b MC


x the marcket cap IF we only do 20% of that..

185,000$ becomes

37,000$ from 1,000$ becomes

Here’s what we have coming up,

Upcoming catalysts

✅Manor farm
✅DRIP garden
✅DRIP liberation contract
DRIP cross-chain bridge
Qrrent – DRIP NFT partnership (100% of sales in BUSD/BNB of Celebrity NFTs will buy DRIP and stake into faucet)
QRRENT-DRIP Atlantus Metaverse (with DRIP as reserve currency)

DRIP Trap / Hip Hop NFT marketplace (with A-LIST RAPPERS)
DRIP-ATL Jewelry Store Partnership
✅Celebrities onboarding & growing with massive exposure
Focus Visual influencer onboarding
DRIP faucet-collateral Lending platform
DRIP NFT battle game on SOL
DRIP cross-chain ETH Metaverse/BSC NFT partnership
DRIP multi-DEX (PCS takeover)
DRIP-backed treasury by OHM-fork (for algo stablecoin)
BetFury DRIP Gambling Casino – rewards in BFG
Fiat to DRIP on-ramp by credit/debit (applied✅)
Big Exchange Listing (in process)

How I bought:

Trust wallet APP

Buy Make sure to tell people they need Smart chain BNB! 🤣

leave a little BNB in the wallet for gas fees

Withdrawa BSC to your METAmask

ETH to Drip




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