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Hey everyone my name is Jacob Martin some of you may know me on twitter as @thenftattorney! I grew up golfing in southeast Texas with my dad and am stoked to be a part of this DAO. I’m involved in various daos as a member and/or lawyer helping with structure and processes. Additionally I do a bit of investing throgh 2 Punks Capital, a seed stage fund focused on all things web3.


Bez | LinksDAO Team — 01/03/2022
Hey all, I’m Adam Besvinick (@besvinick on Twitter). I grew up playing outside of Philly and am now in NYC and play out of a club in Westchester. I have a crippling golf addiction (not only playing but gear, content, architecture, travel, etc.). Professionally, I founded Looking Glass Capital, a pre-seed and seed fund backing companies in health, climate, and empowerment after several years at Deep Fork (seed fund) and Anchorage Capital (hedge fund where I was doing Series A – C investing). Pumped to be involved here and to build something massive and enduring with everyone.

Dom | LinksDAO Team — 01/03/2022
Hello my name is Dominick Basseigo and I am a community developer here at LinksDAO. I recently just graduated from West Virginia University with an Organizational Leadership degree. During my schooling career I spent a lot of my time being apart of and participating in online communities that revolved around making money. I have been involved in crypto since 2017 and my first introduction to NFT’s was in January 2021 with NBATopShot. I started golfing four years ago and fell in love with the sport. Could not be more happy to be apart of a project that focuses it’s efforts around blockchain, golf, and community. If you have any questions of who I am and my background please reach out to me! Connect with me on LinkedIn. (edited)

Cooper | LinksDAO Team — 01/03/2022
Hi LinksDAO friends! I’m Cooper Sherwin (@CoopNFT on Twitter). I bought my first BTC in 2013 and have been hooked on crypto since. I grew up gaming and playing baseball and a little golf, and after a career ending femur break playing baseball at GW I now only play golf & tennis (& CoD & halo). I’m based in Philadelphia but play about 30 rounds a year in south Florida. I’ve been doing web2 marketing and audience building for 10 years and I’ve been a community developer for NFT projects since 2020, working with many projects on discord, most notably @hythacg’s Rowhomes. Reach me in DMs or at (edited)

02tak — 01/03/2022
Hi Everyone I am Kristy Tillman (@KristyT on twitter). I first played golf as a class in business school and I am lady of leisure. I love working on big new ambitious projects so the combination of golf, leisure and building caught my attention. I am based in sunny Florida after having just recently left the Bay Area. By day I am a design director at your favorite streaming platform service , by night I like to dabble in all things web3/defi/crypto . Thrilled to be here and contributing with this wonderful bunch of humans. (edited)

Hey everyone, I’m Jerimiah Lancaster (@JerimiahLee on Twitter). I’m a Pittsburgh native and golf out of a club here. While my passion for golf started later in life, I’m hooked. Professionally, I’ve worked in finance and b2b SaaS (real estate focused ) for nearly 15 years in various BD and executive roles. Currently I’m partner at a consulting firm where help grow Web3 co’s (WbD). I’m amped to be here and build a digital and IRL golf ⛳️ experience that is long lasting. DMs are open on Twitter and always happy to chat more with community members! (edited)

gregan | LinksDAO Team — 01/04/2022
Hey LinksDAO! Greg here.

I’m a solidity/full stack engineer at a real world crypto lending protocol called – focused on helping businesses in emerging markets have access to capital (usdc on ethereum). Previously worked at airbnb, espn, and a few startups. I advise and am involved with a bunch of different defi protocols around the ecosystem… and do quite a bit of degenning myself. Located in SF. Golfing quite often on weekends and have been taking lessons on and off the past couple years trying to get out of the 90s.

Cant wait to visit our course

chrismaddern | LinksDAO Team — 01/05/2022
Hey team!

I’m Chris (@chrismaddern | LinksDAO Team) — one of the founders of LinksDAO, and long-time partner-in-crime with @mdudas | LinksDAO Team.

I’m a Computer Scientist by training, and fall somewhere between engineering, product, entrepreneurship & pure degen depending on the day. Today I run product & eng at Button (which Dudas & I founded together 7 years ago), serve on the board of The Block and am also building an NFT Portfolio app called Floor ( Prior to Button I was at Venmo

Can’t wait to build LinksDAO with you all, and hope to see many of you IRL on the course one day!
Chris Maddern (@chrismaddern)

Patrick | LinksDAO Team — 01/05/2022
Hey team,
I’m Patrick – a designer and entrepreneur in Brooklyn, NY. My involvement in LinksDAO started thanks to a long friendship with Chris & Dudas (I was employee #2 at Button back in 2014).

During the day, I’m the Head of Design at Subkit but come evening, I spend my time designing FloorNFT app (started by @chrismaddern | LinksDAO Team) and consulting on various web3 projects.

Golf is a big passion of mine and if I didn’t design all day, I’d want to be on the course. My best round was an 83 when I played and practiced every day. Hopefully I have some time to brush off the rust before we play together! (edited)

minasalib09 — 01/05/2022
Hey team,
I’m Mina Salib (twitter @minasalib09) – entrepreneur and NFT strategist out of Long Island, NY. I was fortunate enough to be in the initial Twitter group that LinksDAO was incepted by MDudas & launched on Twitter by CMaddern. I was honestly struck by how quickly this idea gained momentum. In 30 mins we had 2,000 followers on Twitter, and I had friends from around the country texting me about it. I knew I had to support anyway I could

I’m not an avid golfer, but I am a big fan and supporter of impactful missions like LinksDAO. I am an absolute degen like many of you—Trading NFTs almost every day since Feb 2021. First inspired by Topshot and then by BAYC. My expertise lies in partnerships, NFT strategy, and content. Glad to be working with you all. HMU if you ever need anything!

mdudas | LinksDAO Team — 01/06/2022
Hello friends, I’m Mike Dudas ( – here is my boomer resume lol: Grew up in Connecticut, went to school at Stanford, worked at Disney & YouTube in my first decade, then Google Pay & Venmo. Started a few companies from 2014-2021. Then became a VC full time, running 6th Man Ventures, a $125m early stage web3 / crypto infrastructure fund. LinksDAO’s community & contributors are my passion and joy – nights and weekend awesomeness Live in NYC with my family, have a couple of kiddos and a lovely wife.

dont underestimate that a lot of people will also buy just to say “i own a LINKSDAO” nft and have no intention of playing golf
[1:57 PM]
these are clout tokens

As an NFT holder I feel benefits in several different ways when it comes to LinksDAO. The first and most obvious, is the price of the NFT. As big names join the ranks and the project gains recognition and prestige, the price moves upward with these events. The second are the interim benefits, our first big partnership with 5i is already offering holders IRL benefits. More partnerships will come before we ultimately attain the course, as well. Lastly, the right to buy a membership to the course, gain reciprocity, access to exclusive events, etc. If at that time I no longer wish to hold the NFT (for whatever reason… cant afford it, course is too far, etc etc) I will gladly sell it to someone who wishes to take advantage of all of those benefits

Id wager that he will start talking up LinksDAO once we start making some meaningful progress as a DAO. Once the path towards the ultimate goal of buying the course is more clear, governance is established, voting begins and is successfully acted upon Id bet his faith in the project would improve and perhaps even incline him to reach out


Five Iron, offering our holders several benefits some of which are free, others discounted. Important to know this partnership was established within the first 2 weeks of the NFT mint. This team is doxxed, has a great track record in the past, and works REALLY fast


a membership at a top 100 course. I’m obsessed with golf to a ridiculous degree. Being involved in this at the ground level as a normie, gives me hope I can be able to actually purchase and be a member at a pristine amazing track with all these like minded type people from everywhere

will we get top golf?

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